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High cost–performance ratio UL&cUL Listed Fire Sprinkler Pipes
: Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40; ASTM A53, A135, A795; 100% made in Taiwan, not China. The most important thing for us is pipes quality. Using good steel coil (made in Taiwan) and paying lots of attention to every fabrication process are our insistence. No problem after installed over 12 years.

 3" SCH 10 PIPE    Zinc-Electroplated Pipes    sch5pipe  

  Are you worrying about how to win more bids and gain more profit? Are you having a hard time finding a good partner to reach this goal? Consider our team and we provide solution as the following:

1. Direct sell pipes from factory: You can buy our high cost–performance ratio UL&cUL listed fabricated fire sprinkler pipes just only 50-60% prices (the same schedule).
Lower your fabrication work: We not only "manufacture" pipes, but also "fabricate" pipes including cut pipes to your length, groove both ends, and/or drill holes on pipes then install small mechanical tee(2-3 USD) for sprinklers...etc. You can buy the same processed pipes then just few fabrication work at job site.
Direct send pipes to your place at appointed time: Don't worry about stocking, shipping, customs affairs...etc.
4. Our
thinner pipes like schedule 5 (300 psi), 7 lower pipes cost without worrying about corrosion if you follow all steps of FM's suggestion.
5. Let fire protection systems to be a work of art by our
zinc-electroplating coated pipes.

Documentary Credit: 1. Delay payment to 6 months. 2. Payment until pass SGS Pre-shipment Inspection.

  Our customers including fire protection companies, fabrication shops and wholesales reach goals by our solution.

Do you have the following problems?

1. Want to get a new fire protection project from lots of competitors?

2. Complex process and expensive while buying fire sprinkler pipes?

3. Want to delay payment up to 180 days by opening Documentary Credit from bank to improve cash flow?

4. Do not have enough pipes stock space in your warehouse? High stock cost in your pipes business?

5. Need to spend more time and money if pipes have problems?

6. Does anyone ever install our fire sprinkler pipes?

7. Hard to install fire protection system?

8. Need elegant fire protection system?

9. Your fire protection system is eco-friendly?

10. Install steel pipes in Residental Fire Protection System?

  If you have another problems or need to door pipes prices, please E-mail to us: We will reply to you as soon as possible.

The following are our solutions:

(1) Easier to get projects:

1. Our to door fabricated pipes prices are about 60% compared with North American local fabricated pipes prices. So our C/P value of pipes is much higher than others.
2. Pipes cost is a high percentage of project amount. With our more competitive UL listed pipes prices, the project amount will be lower a lot.You will be easier to get more projects and your business will be better.

(2) Easy to buy our pipes:

1. We will offer prices that send pipes to your place. Just tell us what pipes you need, where and when to send. Don't worry about stocking, shipping, customs affairs...etc.
2. Accept small quantity order.
3. Honesty is the most important in our company. That's why our customers trust us.

(3) Delay payment up to 180 days by opening Documentary Credit from your Bank to improve cash flow: Advantage of Documentary Credit:

1. Can be used in place of deposits and advances financed by import loans, overdrafts or your own cash reserves.
2. SGS Pre-Shipment Inspection can be written in documents required in Documentary Credit. Buyers will not pay any money untill SGS Pre-Shipment Inspection is OK. Our customers use this to gaurantee all pipes quality meet their standards.
3. Can be used to increase the credit period a supplier is willing to give.
4. Can be used to improve cash flow.
5. Ensures a supplier has met your terms and conditions before you pay them.
6. Protects you and your supplier's interests.
7. Documentary opening commission: 0.25% per six months validity period.

(4) Stock pipes in our warehouse in Taiwan to save lots of stock cost in your pipes business.

1. If you need pipes 2 months later(for example), you can order pipes from us and stock pipes in our warehouse in Taiwan. When you need pipes, we can send pipes immediately to your appointed place at appointed time. You don't need to pay for local stock cost.
2. It takes 15-25 days from Taiwan to your place.
3. We can load several sizes of pipes in one container and you don't need to do this jobs in your warehouse.
4. We will afford pipes loss and damage
while stock in Taiwan.
5. We stock pipes in the warehouse, not in the yard. Pipes will be clean and dry.

(5) Pipes quality and after-sales service: We guarantee not to delay your work and pay more money.

1. Before shipping: UL&cUL quality certification and other options like SGS Pre-Shipment Inspection or send people to Taiwan for quality inspection.
2. After arriving to your place: If you have any pipes quality problems (Pipes quality problems' definition was agreed with buyer and seller before order), we guarantee to replace free new pipes immediately. You will not delay your work and pay more money. We also offer refund service if pipes have quality problems. We will visit your company after you get pipes and check if everything is OK.
3. If you need products liability, we will buy for you and will add insurance to pipes prices.

(6) We have sold and installed fire sprinkler pipes over 10 years in North America and Europe:

1. We have many customers over the world buying our fire sprinkler pipes.
2. Our customers said our pipes are better than US pipes.
3. Our lacquer coating black pipes installed in the U.S. buildings and zinc-electroplated pipes installed in Las Vegas Casino are over 10 years and everything is all good.

(7) PreFabrication: Easy to install fire protection system like Lego:

1. We can cut pipes to your length, groove both ends by Rigid Roll Groover, and/or drill holes on pipes then install small mechanical tee(2-3 USD) for sprinklers...etc in our factory. You can buy the same processed pipes then just few fabrication work at job site.
2. Pipes, coupling, fittings, sprinklers are like Lego brick and easy to be installed in fire protection system like Lego games.

(8) Elegant fire protection system:

1. We spray lacquer finish for our black pipes, not lacquer showering. So the surface of our black pipes is much better than other pipe mill's pipes.
2. You can install our zinc-electroplated pipes in your fire protection system and your building will be elegant.
3. Only pay domestic black pipes prices, you can own our elegant zinc-electroplated pipes.

(9) Eco-Friendly fire protection system: visit schedule 5, 7 pipes, Green and sustainable for detail information.

1. We don't need thick wall pipes for corrosion: In new pipes installation, FM suggest installing an air-venting device (like ECS ejector automatic air vent in fire sprinkler pipes, air-venting valve) to remove trapped air (oxygen) in wet type system. WPNI have the same effect (nitrogen replace oxygen). That means no corrosion including MIC inside the pipes with air-venting device. Lot of evidence indicate that wet-type fire protection system with air-venting valve will not cause corrosion like MIC and still work over 30 years. So just use thin wall pipes like schedule 5, 7 pipes.
2. Reduce steel use can reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (CO2) remission while making steel by using thin wall pipes like schedule 5, 7 pipes.
3. Our European customers like to use schedule 5 pipes.

(10) Residential Fire Protection System:

1. Schedule 5, 7 pipes with air-venting valve will not cause corrosion like MIC and can resist high temperature in case of fire, not like CPVC pipes can not resist high temperature and be destroy by fire.
2. Lower the cost of residential fire protection system by schedule 5 pipes with air-venting valve. Let more sweet homes to be installed fire protection system. Safety is the most important.

Products Description:

1. 1"-6" Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 black pipes: 21' or 6 meters long, Groove both ends, Spray lacquer finish or oil coating. UL&cUL listed.

    3" SCH 10 PIPE   Black Painted Pipes   Black Pipes -1  Black Pipe - 2

2. 1"-6" Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 hot-dipped galvanized pipes: 21' or 6 meters long, Groove both ends. UL&cUL listed.


3. 1"-2" Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 zinc-electroplated pipes: 10'-12' long, Groove both ends. UL&cUL listed.

    Zinc-Electroplated Pipes   Zinc-electroplated pipes 5