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3" SCH 10 PIPE sch5pipe Holes Welded Outlet without painting Outlets U-bolt mechanical tee Pipes with rack 3 Zinc-Electroplated standardized pipes

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  Don't let high steel price in the U.S. affect your business. We have solution to keep your business within previous budget.
Thanks for several new customers to buy our pipes for anti high steel price in the U.S.

  Amazing "LEGO concept" Fabricated Fire Sprinkler Pipes
50% local price, direct install immediately without fabrication and finish your projects on time.

  Are you worrying about "High fabricated pipes prices" and "Waiting for fabrication shop" in your fire protection business? Our U.S. customers and us found the solution:
"LEGO Concept" Standardized Fabricated Fire Sprinkler Pipes - UL&cUL listed Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40; ASTM A53, A135.

  You can imagine "Custom-made Standardized Fabricated Pipes", CouplingsFittings...etc. to be Standardized Parts in fire protectiom systems like Standardized Bricks in LEGO. So you can install fire protection systems easily like build toys in Lego. You can decide pipes length and size, grooving and holes location, we will fabricate for you. You also can buy raw pipes without any fabrication or just grooving.

50% price of local fabricated pipes because we manufacture and fabricate pipes, then direct sell pipes to customers. You don't need local fabrication shop and don't pay local fabrication cost. Our customers only pay design cost, our fabricated pipes cost and installation cost.
 • 150% Product Quality Guarantee: We are so confident about our quality that we offer a One Year 150% Money Back Quality Guarantee. If our products do not meet requirements in your purchase orders, we will refund 150% of your purchase price.
 • Small minimum order quantity: only 5,000 lb (2.27 tons) per size per length, around 100 pc 21' sch 10 pipes.
 • Not waste any pipes: standardized fabricated pipes can be used in next project like you can use the rest LEGO bricks in next LEGO toy installation.
 • Finish your project on time: You can direct install fire protection systems immediately by our fabricated pipes.
 • Up to 180 days delay payment after you open Documentary Credit (Letter of Credit). It's easy to open just contact with your bank and can protect both buyer's and supplier's interests.
 • Easy to calculate purchase order: We will offer you EXCEL spreadsheet programs to let you easy to calculate total amount, weight and volumes.
 • To door delivery: Don't worry about shipping, customs affairs...etc. Just wait your pipes at your place.
 • Video: The process of our pipes production: (1) Skelp ( slit from coil), Uncoiler, Leveler, Floop (2) Forming, High Frequency welding, Cooling, Eddy current testing, Sizing, Cutting, Facer.

  Goal: Let our customers Expand business by bid more projects, Gain more profit, Finish projects on time.

  How to do? All you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Order our 50% price "Custom-made standardized fabricated pipes" in advance and stock in your place. We offer up to 180 days delay payment.
2. Design fire protection systems by your standardized fabricated pipes stocks for bidding.
3. After get bids, you can install fire protection systems at job site immediately. You have enough time to install and easy to finish on time.
4. Just few pipes need cutting and grooving at job site to adjust to the buildings.

Contact with us by our E-mail if you have any question.

  We cooperate with Shurjoint (Tyco) for couplings, fittings..ect. We can ship Shurjoint's couplings, fittings...etc with our pipes and you don't need to prepare couplings and fittings...etc. You can visit Shurjoint website: for more information.
1. You can buy any Shurjoint's product even one piece. The discount is based on the total amount you buy. More Shurjoint products you buy, more discount you can get.
2. Please offer the Shurjoint's products item and quantity to us, we will offer you competitive to door price.

  We specialized in making Custom-made Standardized Fabricated Pipes (For example: 12' long, groove both ends, drill a hole 1' from the end, weld outlet on pipe or install Saddle-Let(small mechanical tee). You can decide pipes length and size, grooving and holes location. If you haven't decide holes location while order, we will not drill holes and you can drill holes and install our Saddle-lets at your place). We have been cooperating with our U.S. customers by this way for over 13 years.

  Coating: 1. Spray lacquer finish after fabrication or oil coating. The paint color can be any color like black, red, transparent...etc. 2. Pre-galvanized pipes - Good looking like zinc-electroplated, extend service life, In-line galvanized, exterior zinc-coated products, like Wheatland Tube GL Galvanized Fire Sprinkler Pipes. Almost the same prices with lacquer coated pipes.

  Shipping: We have over 13 years shipping experience and offer an option of SGS Pre-Shipment Inspection ( ensure your products meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements). We also offer shipping insurance. If containers have any damage or loss during shipping, our insurance company will pay you 1.5 times loss.

- We can manufacture your appointed length of pipes without any waste, not like others have to cut 21' pipes to your length and waste the rest cut pipes.
- Suitable for every project: Custom-made standardized fabricated pipes can be used in the next project, will not waste any pipe.
- Documentary credit can vanish international trade risk and protect buyer's and supplier's interests.
- The most important thing for us is pipes quality. Using good steel coil (made in Taiwan) and paying lots of attention to every fabrication process are our insistence. No problem after installed over 13 years. We also offer 21' or other length pipes.
Drawing of PipesDrawing of pipes 2
Products Description:

1. Shurjoint's couplings, Saddle-Lets:


  7705 Standard Flexible Coupling; K-9 Lightweight Rigid Coupling; 723 Saddle-Let

  Saddle-Lets will be installed on our pipes in advance and be painted with the same pipe color. Pipes and Saddle-Lets will be the same color.

2. 1"-4" Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 black pipes:Groove both ends, Spray lacquer finish or oil coating. UL&cUL listed. Can install Saddle-Lets or weld Welded Outlets on pipes.

    3" SCH 10 PIPE   Black Pipes -1   Black Pipe - 2   Pipes with rack 3   Welded Outlets on Pipes   Black pipes stocked in warehouse   Hole on pipes   Outlet

3. 1"-4" Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 Pre-Galvanized pipes: Groove both ends. UL&cUL listed. Can install Saddle-Lets on pipes.


4. 1"-2" Schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 zinc-electroplated pipes: 10'-12' long, Groove both ends. UL&cUL listed. Can install Saddle-Lets or weld Welded Outlets on pipes.

    Zinc-Electroplated Pipes      Zinc-Electroplated standardized pipes      Standardized Fabricated Pipes stocked in our warehouse.