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Modular Fabricated Fire Sprinkler Pipes (UL&cUL listed  schedule 5, 7, 10, 40 A135, A53) Manufacturer and Fabricator, Couplings and Fittings Distributor.

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Green Benefit for using thin wall pipes like schedule 5, 7 pipes
Check schedule 5, 7 pipes for why use thin wall pipes.

Green and Sustainable

  We have responsibility to protect our environment.
Using light weight products can reduce raw material use, reduce energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emission like CO2 while producing products. Our pipes are made by steel, so steel can be 100% recycled and can be reused, so also good for our environment. We use water-based lacquer to coat our pipes, it's good for your health and will not release chemical into air.

LEED and BREEAM credits

Our schedule 5 pipes can do all of above and help you to earn credits from LEED and BREEAM as following:

(1) Water-based Lacquer coating:
1. LEED 5. Indoor Environmental Quality:
EQ Credit 4.2 Low-Emitting Material - paints and Coatings

2. BREEAM : Health 02 Indoor Air Quality:
Minimising source of air pollution (3 credit)
  a. Removal of contaminant sources (1 credit)
  b. All decorative paints and varnishes have met the requirements listed in Table - 8 (1 credit)
  c. The total volatile organic compound (TVOC) concentration is measured post construction (but pre-occupancy) and found to be less than 300µg/m3 over 8 hours, in line with the Building Regulation requirements.
(2) Less Steel Use:
1. Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas remission like CO2 while making steel.
2. BREEAM: Waste 01
Construction resource efficiency (up to 3 credits)     

(3) Steel Recycling:
1. LEED 4. Materials and Resources
MR Credit 2.1: Construction Waste management 50% Recycled or Salvaged
MR Credit 2.2: Construction Waste management 75% Recycled or Salvaged
MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials

2. BREEAM: Waste 01
Diversion of resources from landfill (1 credit)